Bero Porter is a Certified Real Estate Expert (CDRE™). A CDRE™ is a neutral, unbiased, vetted, and highly qualified expert for all the real property matters in family law and is held to the highest ethical standards. Bero has gone through extensive training by family law professionals to handle all aspects of residential, investment, and commercial real estate transactions and to assist families at any conflict level during this challenging time.

As a result of the ongoing legal process, court jurisdiction over the assets, and the highly emotional impact of a divorce on the entire family, divorce listings are among the most complex transactions that a real estate agent encounters. In addition, a house is often a family's largest asset. It is shocking that more than 99% of agents lack any specialization in divorce. During the divorce transaction, it is critical for an agent to understand the legal process and the sensitive nature of the case in order to be able to advise, consult, and complete a transaction with the highest level of professionalism and compassion.

, Bero has the expertise to address the nuances of a divorce listing and resolve conflicts among the parties in order to move the transaction forward. Her knowledge allows her to mitigate issues that may impede the sale of the house and to communicate with counsel as neccessary to ensure that any unresolved issues are addressed in the court. Bero is qualified to testify in court as an expert witness and is equipped to prepare the required reports.